Monday, July 27, 2009

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro looked alert and healthier during an hour-long interview taped and aired on cuban television Friday, responding to rumors of his death with a defiant "here I am".
In the first video of the ailing 81-year-old revolutionary seen in more than three months, a pale Castro stayed seated the entire time, spoke slowly and softly and didn't always look the interviewer in the eye. But he appeared to be thinking clearly.
The Cuban leader said the thought the Bush administration could go to war with Iran and bemoaned the high cost of the war in Iraq, but provided no new details about his health, except to say, "well, here I am".

cuban leader Fidel castro speaks during an interview while holding a book written by former U.S.Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. Castro gave his first television interview in more than three months on Friday following speculation in recent weeks that he might be on his death bed.