Sunday, March 29, 2020


Friday, March 13, 2020

Final reminder to on-site team to get updates

So, for the second consecutive day, I and the offshore delivery lead have not got any updates from the on-site team and they haven’t even confirmed, whether our thought-process was on the right track to meet client requirements. With each passing day, both the delivery lead and I were getting anxious about the outcome, because I have my vacation planned in the next few days and the delivery does not want to extend for such a long time. The moment I entered into office with no updates from the on-site team and with no insight about the next step, I got a brilliant idea to have a discussion with my manager. Thankfully, I have kept my manger informed about all the processes happening and difficulties we face due to delayed/no updates from the on-site team. I also discussed my upcoming vacation plans and with no response from the on-site team, it is getting complicated to complete the service request as early as possible. My manager suggested dropping a note to the on-site team for the updates and further informing them that I would not be available post the next few days and the delivery team had to take ownership of completion. I was waiting until the end of the day to get an update and finally, I dropped a note to the on-site team that my manger suggested. To know more about the response, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Balancing between existing and new work

I have conveyed to my manager that I have already compiled most of the documents and only a few more updates to be made and it can be made by the respective team who was already working and has background about the service request. In addition, I was looped to support a new service request and the new team has already sent out escalation mails. My manager after hearing out this lengthy conversation, finally convened that he would drop a note to the new service request delivery leads that I am completely out of bandwidth. However, my manager did not even drop a single note and all he did was just talking and unofficial chat with the delivery point of contact. As each day passed by, the new delivery team was getting anxious and worried about the completion of the document before the due date. I had no other option but to support my colleagues for the completion of the document, that they were working on. Meanwhile, without detailing anything to my manager or my colleagues, I sneaked few hours of my time to the new opportunity and was trying to compile as much information as possible and I kept this so secretive that I didn’t even share the work in progress document to the new team. To know about its status, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites “

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Unwanted redundant work

Meanwhile, when my manager was requesting me to put some effort on the slides to bring it into some shape, he has also made call to my teammate on weekend and requesting him to send some sample slides for reference. My teammate has no clue about the background nor actual work on the slide, he was sending few decks for my reference. I was in middle of all these chaos, as no one has exact background on the service request and purpose of the slides, but they want some information in the slides for discussion in the call. My point was, when we all know that service request was about to start and it will take multiple iterations & leadership reviews before it gets completed, then why do we want to work on unnecessary slides and complete nonsense stuff. Finally, based on my understanding of the service request, I have made some modifications, done some research and went through existing repositories for reusable contents in the slides and sent to the team for review. To know more about review feedback, please check out “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Headed for vacation with irritating opportunity

But, the initial days of my vacation was calm and quiet and no major update from the opportunity and suddenly in middle of my vacation, early in the morning I got a call from my manager requesting, whether I would be able to join a call for the same opportunity and I was shell shocked. Out of no options, I told I can join the call and would be on mute, as there was some carpeting work going on in my home. Finally, I joined the call and was on mute for a few minutes, later the call started and out of nowhere the on-site delivery lead started to question my manager, that what update has been made from my end for the last two or three days. For one time my manager supported me and was raising question to the delivery point of contact and the onsite lead, that what information has been shared to me and what was the action item pending from my end. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”