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Thursday, May 25, 2023


Most home warranty plans don’t include roof repairs because they exist to protect appliances and home systems. But many homeowners worry about their roof. When you want a warranty that includes partial roof coverage, an Elite HW plan can help. The Elite Complete plan includes partial roof leak repairs so you can have the added peace of mind while also receiving coverage for all the home systems and appliances you use the most.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Information of Chelsea Cain

Many of would like to read good novels available in market, but we may feel frustrated by trying to find the best one. There are wide ranges of novel authors available in the country and make sure that you read novels from stand alone authors. The best way to find a high quality novel author would be referring a good post. Recently I came across an Interesting novel author known as Chelsea Cain. Chelsea Cain is one of the stand alone novel authors available in the country and now you can just check out the new novel book of her. You can just check out the Evil at Heart - A Thriller by Chelsea Cain to be released on 9/1/09/. You can also check out the video listed below to get more ideas about the novel.
The trailer portrays the story of Gretchen and Archie thus far from the thriller Heartsick and Sweetheart. If you wish to experience the excitement in a thriller novel, then you can just check out Evil at Heart novel by Chelsea Cain. For more information and stuff about the Evil at Heart novel please feel free to check out the website.
You can also just check out the Starred Review by publishers weekly from the following.
"In Cain's superb follow-up to Heartsick, damaged detective Archie Sheridan is back home in Portland, Ore., trying to resume a normal life. Archie's ties to serial killer Gretchen Lowell still run deep, even if he's stopped their weekly visits in prison. Meanwhile, reporter Susan Ward is finishing an article accusing a beloved U.S. senator of seducing his children's 14-year-old babysitter a decade earlier. When three bodies are discovered in a local park—where Archie's team found Gretchen's first victim 12 years earlier—Archie worries another serial killer is at large. After the senator's unexpected death, Susan discovers links between the sex scandal and the bodies in the park. When Gretchen escapes from prison, Archie knows he's the only one who can stop her from killing. In Cain's capable hands, Gretchen is both a monster and the only person who truly understands Archie's pain. With its brisk pacing, carefully metered violence and tortured hero, Cain's sophomore effort will leave readers desperate for more." Source:Publishers Weekly

The Birthing House Novel Suggestion

You may have known many novels available in the market, but If you are looking for a thriller and supernatural novel, then make sure you refer a good post. If you are looking for a supernatural and psychological thriller novel, then you can just check out The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom. The Birthing House is a passionate, thoughtful exploration of the darker regions of the human heart, rendered in prose elegant and luminous as the edge of a knife, it's quite simply a terrific novel. The Birthing House novel by Christopher Ransom gives you thriller and exciting experience that no other competitor in its category can offer you. Recently one of my friends came across this exciting and thriller novel and he explained about the chapter 1 and 2. This made me excited to read The Birthing House novel by Christopher Ransom. In celebration of this publication Christopher Ransom has also started a blog for people to post their own personal experiences with the supernatural. If you have experienced your own ghost or supernatural experience, then you can just share it in the Christopher Ransom blog. I think no other novel can give you such thrilling and exciting experience like The Birthing House novel by Christopher Ransom. Also check the youtube trailer from the following link

Sunday, August 2, 2009

International Home

While renovating casa Hafa, a spectacular villa in Tangiers, French Interior designer Yves Taralon links the marvels of Eastern tradition with contemporary Morocco. Built into the rocks overlooking the spanish coast and the Straits of Gibraltar, the house has panoramic vistas streching for miles. Originally a small fishing house, it has been given a new lease of life with four levels of interlinking terraces and a colourful, atmospheric interior.