Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goats Eat Paper

Goats eat grass and the leaves of trees. Paper is made from wood, and when a goat smells paper, it thinks it is something to eat. If the paper has print on it, it will contain printer's ink and probably other chemicals, and if a goat eats too much of that it may get a tummy ache. There is nothing strange about goats eating paper since it is made from pulp, which is vegetable fibre. They digest it too. Goats have a very strong digestive system, and they are able to digest vegetation that other farm animals would not touch.

Monsoon Season

A monsoon is a strong wind that brings torrential rain. During the monsoon season warm air currents flow from the tropical countries. the warm air tries to push out the cool air, and the cool air tries to stay where it is. The warm air pushes so hard that it rises into the sky. There's a lot of water vapour in the warm air, so it forms more and more rain clouds. Finally the rain pours down out of those clouds. In many parts of Asia life revolves around the season of the monsoons, the winds that bring rain, Winds rise from low-pressure areas created by solar heat in tropical regions. The surrounding air moves into the low-pressure areas, and this movement produces winds, Saturated with moisture, the air rises and flows towards the polar regions. The moisture condenses in the cooler upper air and is released ad rain.

Know World Cricket

Cricket is one of the most followed sport in the world only next to football.However in Asia cricket is followed by fans who give their favourite cricketers demigod status.The standard of cricket in the world is also experiencing a sudden wave of change thanks to the Indian Premier League.A decade ago the Australians reigned supreme in the world,mercilessly beating all the opponents on their way to top position in world cricket.When one looks at last couple of yeas, Australia's position at the top position in the world cricket rankings has been constantly challenged by teams Like India and South Africa.The Indians had scared the Australians the previous summer when they were the visiting team whereas the South African Team led by the energetic Graeme Smith proved to be a tough nut to crack when they beat the Australian team in their home soil which was Australia's home loss in 15 years.For a while the South Africans have threatened to take the top spot but have faltered some where down the path but this time Graeme smith's team would have become the No.1team if not for the last test loss against Australia.With two teams challenging the top spot from Australia it won't take much time for cricket to have a new champion in the coming year.