Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Information on Magnetic Bracelet

I have demonstrated magnetic therapy at fairs and festivals for 12 years. A magnetic product should be strong enough to relieve some pain in seconds.

Just recently I had a security officer ask me "do magnets truly work." His tendonitis was so bad he couldn't even draw his gun. He was scheduled to have the nerve is his elbow burnt.

I put a strong magnetic bracelet on the wrist of the arm with the tendonitis. Within a minute it had less discomfort. 

After wearing it overnight he returned the next day and said "my elbow has significantly less pain." He thought it might be in his mind although his elbow was much better. I let him wear it that day and another night.

The next day he told me "I got up and did 100 practice draws without any pain. He bought a bracelet.

That following morning he had his orthopedic doctors appointment. He showed him and said, "I can move my arm with no pain whatsoever. This is a magnetic bracelet.”

His doctor said, "if you think it works you need to use it." Then he turned away and slowly rolled up his sleeve to expose his magnetic bracelet.