Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Favourite Sport

Pool is the Fastest growing sport in the world as its much simpler and faster than snooker or billiards. Moreover, its nice and colourful. There are hundreds of tournaments across the world and any player can compete in them. At the same time, he warns, there is more pressure in pool as there is no second chance.

A man of few words and one not given to hyper bole, Rafath Habib is excited about the future of pool games in India. The newly crowned National champion in 9-ball feels the sport has the potential to expand its base and attract more youngsters.

Describing the gradual acceptance of pool games in Asia, Rafath says Indians too can perform well and make a mark at the International levels as they are pretty good at potting. " if you are good at snooker, you can become a good Pool player," says Rafath.

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