Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Helicopter Accident Attorney

Guest Post By: Marcia D.
Helicopters can be lifesaving machines. They hover in midair, can fly vertically to land and take off in cramped spaces, and essentially can go where other air or land vehicles can't. To counterbalance these benefits, however, helicopters present a score of dangers. From pilot error to mechanical failure, there are a hundred reasons why a helicopter accident might take place. In fact, helicopter accidents occur 90 times more often than airplane crashes and have a higher percentage of fatalities. This creates a pressing need for experienced and knowledgeable helicopter accident attorneys to represent injured passengers, surviving family members, or those who have lost significant financial investments.
When searching for a good helicopter accident attorney, it is important to consider both the firm's success and its years of experience in handling aviation litigation. For instance, Robb & Robb of Kansas City, personal injury attorneys, have skillfully handled helicopter crash settlements for years, even helping to correct the very hazards which caused the injuries. They have been recognized as some of the best lawyers in America. Their law firm holds a record number of jury verdicts in private aviation accident lawsuits.
Robb & Robb's clients include a severely injured young woman who was involved in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon. A settlement of 38 million dollars helped to ease her pain. Also, the tragic death of a pilot in a Life Flight helicopter led to a jury awarding his surviving family members 350 million dollars in settlement. A passenger who was also killed in the same accident was awarded a 70 million dollar verdict. It is clear that these attorneys know how to get results.