Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Driving Experience

My Driving experience, when i learn how to drive the Car. My instructor asked me to hop into the driver's seat and i told him that this is the very first time I will be driving a car. I got very nervous. My instructor name is john. He assured me that there's nothing to worry. I thought very difficult to learn. But he gave a good place to drive first. The car has a extra set of clutch and brake pedals near his feet. All I did on the first day was to control the steering and the car was going real slow, in the first gear. It's not easy to judge where the left side of the car is and how far/close it is to the kerb. But i had very confidence to learn with in a short period.

Perhaps I felt to because of lack of a left rear view mirror. John adjusted the steering and in the other times asked me to steer left or right when necessary. My instructor gave many instructions when i drive. The instructions helps to drive the car without nervous. 15 days are more than enough. car driving is not a big deal. Don't buy a used car just because you are learning to drive and you might risk a new car.

Now, Car Driving is My Passion !