Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tips for Location Scouting

Looking for places for your video production? Here are some simple steps to follow to help make the process and production easier: 
  1. Get familiar with your script: This means that you have to know what type of areas you will need to shoot in, which should be done before you begin looking. Finding the right setting for the script is very important for bringing the story to life. 
  2. Conduct scouting during the time the shoot will take place: If your shoot will take place in the country around dinner time, check out spots around that time to see what the atmosphere is like. Is there a lot of noise during that time, mosquitoes or maybe it’s too bright or too dark. 
  3. Check lighting: If you will be shooting in a building, such as a restaurant, church or other location where there is low lighting levels, you will need to consider if it is workable. Test it by shooting a few seconds of footage in the area to see how it will look. If things are too dim, you can come up with solutions to brighten up the area. 
  4. Look to the sun: Not literally, but you will need to keep an eye on it to ensure that it is benefiting your video shoot. The sun is always changing its position, so you will need to master how to position the camera properly to compliment what you’re shooting. You want to know if there is full sun, partial sun or shade in a particular shot. I find that overcast days and fully shaded areas offer the most consistent results. Yes, today’s camcorders are sophisticated, but they still have problems with contrasting in sunlight. 
  5. Look for power sources: You’re dealing with all types of electronics during your video shoot, so you will need to ensure that there are power sources around to charge and plug in your equipment. How long will you be at that location? If you can run off of batteries, then make sure you’ll have enough battery power to last you. Bring back up batteries if anything. 
  6. Listen to your sound: You want to make sure that your audio is high-quality and crisp. Your intention should be to only pick up sounds that you would like in the video. Try to listen close when you visit the location to see what types of noises are around during the time the shoot would occur. 
  7. Foretell the weather: Check weather forecasts to see if the conditions will fit your video shoot. The elements of the earth can benefit or harm your video, so make sure that you know what to expect before you begin shooting. 
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