Monday, August 6, 2018

The day in IT

Morning I woke very late at the neck of the moment to take my office call. I have habit of drinking coffee daily in the morning and had to rush for making it. During coffee making process I was too lazy to even see what’s happening to the boiling milk and then suddenly I get message from the Delivery POC with whom I was working on an opportunity. The message detailed please share me the meeting number to join the call, then I had to login through my mobile and copy the meeting number, paste it in the message and had to send it. In all these process, my milk was boiled and I was late for about 5 mins, coffee was tasting worser than ever. After having that badly tasting coffee,I rushed to join my office call. The call was going on and on for a very long time, I was tired of hearing all the unnecessary topic discussions and all of a sudden some random key POC was talking about my scope and I was completely no clue about what they were talking. All these time I was checking my regular office mails to see if I received any important mails. Continue at “G R Team Sites”