Thursday, October 4, 2018

Leadership review of opportunity with new delivery expert

After making changes to the deck, I shared the deck with leadership as suggested by this new delivery expert with whom I was working for the first time and she was too hesitant to spend even few minutes on this opportunity. The changes were minimal and it hardly took few minutes for me to make the changes and I have completed it and shared it with the leadership for review. The leadership review call was scheduled for the next day and I was hoping everything would be fine. But all turned to be on the air, once the leadership saw the deck they were questioning about the solution part left, right and center, the delivery expert tried to manage and there were lot of changes suggested by the leadership team. At last after suggesting lot of changes, the leadership gave green card for the deck to be shared with accounts team for submission to the client. I made all the changes and again reviewed with the delivery expert, got her confirmation and submitted the deck to the accounts team. Continue reading at “G R Team sites” listed in the right Side of this site.