Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Anxious minutes after my Car failure – Ford EcoSport

Car failure – Ford EcoSport
As stated in my earlier articles, one fine day my car had showed up error message in the infotainment screen and some dangerous engine light was ON in the dashboard. After consuming the error message that “ABS and Power steering was failure”, I was completely heart-broken and took some time to figure out next steps. Following are my actions post diagnosing the issue in my car:

  • Reached out to customer support: The first step after identifying the error message in the infotainment and lights from the engine dashboard was to call the Ford’s customer support center. The technician was courteous enough to understand the issue and was checking with me about the basic troubleshooting steps. Post confirmation about carrying out basic troubleshooting steps, the service technician initiated the next steps and assured me that the car issue would be taken care of.
  • Car towed to service center: Post call disconnection, the service technician initiated the next steps with the car towing service and was directed to the nearest service center option. The car towing service called immediately and confirmed the vehicle’s location and about space availability for towing into the truck. Post confirmation, within next few hours (2 hours precisely), the truck arrived to tow the car for the nearest service center for diagnosing the issue and resolution.

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