Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Balancing between existing and new work

I have conveyed to my manager that I have already compiled most of the documents and only a few more updates to be made and it can be made by the respective team who was already working and has background about the service request. In addition, I was looped to support a new service request and the new team has already sent out escalation mails. My manager after hearing out this lengthy conversation, finally convened that he would drop a note to the new service request delivery leads that I am completely out of bandwidth. However, my manager did not even drop a single note and all he did was just talking and unofficial chat with the delivery point of contact. As each day passed by, the new delivery team was getting anxious and worried about the completion of the document before the due date. I had no other option but to support my colleagues for the completion of the document, that they were working on. Meanwhile, without detailing anything to my manager or my colleagues, I sneaked few hours of my time to the new opportunity and was trying to compile as much information as possible and I kept this so secretive that I didn’t even share the work in progress document to the new team. To know about its status, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites “