Friday, September 14, 2018

Getting A Gas Station Started

A business idea that almost everyone will likely need at some point is a gas station. However, your design should be one that people want to visit instead of a simple design that only offers gas and maybe a few snacks. Consider gas station builders who can come in and look at your property to determine the best way to begin the design so that you don't have to think of everything on your own. Start with a business plan that includes prices that you're considering for the gas that you're going to sell as well as a plan for the other items that you're going to offer to customers. 

Find out what kinds of permits and insurance policies you need to have for your business and to protect your customers. This is important because you want customers to be safe while they are on your property. When you're working with gasoline, then you need to have a plan in place in the event of a severe emergency that could result in a fire or an explosion. There are franchise opportunities available that can sometimes make it easier to be a success in this industry. However, you would need to abide by the regulations that are set forth by the franchise. If you venture out on your own, then you have a bit more freedom with how you set your prices and the layout of the building. 

Set a budget for the business. This budget should include amenities that you're going to offer as well as your rent for the building and the property. You should also have a budget for any employees that you plan to hire and a safety net of money for the first few months so that you can build your profits instead of losing money after opening.

Monday, September 10, 2018

15. Finally got salary revision

After waiting for a long time and looking anxiously across various groups for some insights, finally I got my salary revision. On that day, I was assigned to work on the opportunity and the call was scheduled early in the day. I logged in for the call and finished my updates in the first few minutes and later on, the SME was discussing about some technical and project related stuff. I was least interested in listening to those discussion and as usual I was browsing through social sites for some information related to my Salary revision and one person posted an update mentioning that he/she got her revision letter in the portal and I was shell shocked. I immediately logged in to the portal and shocked to know that salary revision letter has been released. My fingers started to shake out of nervousness and clicked the link, the PDF opened and for real I got my long pending hike. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Monday, August 13, 2018

Complex opportunity with difficult SME

After a long time, I was again assigned with the complex opportunity to work on and was preparing myself for the opportunity. Usually whenever I was assigned with the complex opportunity to work, I was tagged to the delivery expert with whom I have good rapport and, in the past, we have completed complex opportunity with ease and minimal effort. So, for this time as well I was looking forward to work with the same delivery expert and had contacted with him for further effort required on this opportunity. To my surprise I heard a shell shocking news that he would not be able to support me on this opportunity and also, I had to work with one more delivery expert for this complex opportunity. I thought the delivery expert would be cool and I would finish this complex opportunity with ease. However, the exact opposite thing happened to me and I came to know that he is the most complex person to work with of all the delivery person I had worked earlier in this company. The delivery expert was so rude and arrogant with other key people with whom we would need to work further for this opportunity. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Monday, August 6, 2018

The day in IT

Morning I woke very late at the neck of the moment to take my office call. I have habit of drinking coffee daily in the morning and had to rush for making it. During coffee making process I was too lazy to even see what’s happening to the boiling milk and then suddenly I get message from the Delivery POC with whom I was working on an opportunity. The message detailed please share me the meeting number to join the call, then I had to login through my mobile and copy the meeting number, paste it in the message and had to send it. In all these process, my milk was boiled and I was late for about 5 mins, coffee was tasting worser than ever. After having that badly tasting coffee,I rushed to join my office call. The call was going on and on for a very long time, I was tired of hearing all the unnecessary topic discussions and all of a sudden some random key POC was talking about my scope and I was completely no clue about what they were talking. All these time I was checking my regular office mails to see if I received any important mails. Continue at “G R Team Sites”