Sunday, December 9, 2018

Information for Health Drink

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Taking office call on travel

Exactly on Friday evening I was assigned with two different opportunities, one opportunity had no work as the delivery team need to work on estimates and another opportunity had very short turnaround time and on first day I had to share questionnaire with the client. However, on that Friday evening I was planning to drive back to my native and initially the call was scheduled early in the evening and at last minute the call was postponed even more later in the evening. Now I have no options left other than taking office call while driving back to my native and I was sure the reception would be bad due to travel. I joined the call from my car and initial call discussion was all about introduction and possible scope for my team and when exact time had come for my team to raise question, the reception failed miserably and I had to stop the car on side of the road to take the call and to my rescue the delivery expert had joined the call and was raising the questions. For name sake I was raising couple of questions to mark my presence and continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Leadership review of opportunity with new delivery expert

After making changes to the deck, I shared the deck with leadership as suggested by this new delivery expert with whom I was working for the first time and she was too hesitant to spend even few minutes on this opportunity. The changes were minimal and it hardly took few minutes for me to make the changes and I have completed it and shared it with the leadership for review. The leadership review call was scheduled for the next day and I was hoping everything would be fine. But all turned to be on the air, once the leadership saw the deck they were questioning about the solution part left, right and center, the delivery expert tried to manage and there were lot of changes suggested by the leadership team. At last after suggesting lot of changes, the leadership gave green card for the deck to be shared with accounts team for submission to the client. I made all the changes and again reviewed with the delivery expert, got her confirmation and submitted the deck to the accounts team. Continue reading at “G R Team sites” listed in the right Side of this site.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Stupid enough to use two laptops

To summarize, I wanted to narrate my experience during Chennai rains at 2015 and how stupid I have been by using two laptops. Since I had no office during the first day of heavy rains, I opened up my MacBook Pro and started to stream YouTube videos to my TV’s chrome-cast. The maid came late at around 10 AM and as usual she cleaned up the home, washed used dishes and made rice and left for the day. During her work at my home, we were discussing how horrible the rain was and hoping it would end within few hours and everything would be normal by tomorrow morning. Now I was all alone at my home, my parents were at native and I used to stay alone at my Chennai home. Maid left at around 10:30 AM and I asked her to be safe as the rains are getting heavier as each hour passes by. I was enjoying my leisure time at my home watching some random YouTube videos casting from my MacBook Pro to TV. Now started the most horrendous task ahead, the electricity went off by 11:30 AM and I was still using two laptops. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”