Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wheelchair Vans

Guest Post By: Henry L.
Being physically disabled is no longer what it used to be. With the advent of the wheelchair vans , the physically handicapped can travel in style and comfort. How did this happen?
Ralph W. Braun from Winamac, Indiana, a small town in northern Indiana, was physically handicapped himself but he was not content staying home. He wanted to travel so he invented the lift for wheelchairs. If you like to read, he has written a book called Rise Above by Ralph W. Braun. It is fascinating to see how this all came about. He is still running his multi-million dollar company and making sure that the quality he believes in is still there.
Braun offers conversions for Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota chassis. They offer lowered floor wheelchair vans, and you can even have storage space under the floor. The interiors have all the luxuries of a regular van plus many extras for a person in a wheelchair. There is room for the family so family vacations that were something that had to be put aside, now are wonderful experiences. The equipment offered is too much to list here, but on the websites or, you’ll find a list of all that is available. You will be amazed at what is offered. You can now be independent again with a vehicle that suits your needs.

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